Disabling incoming midi cc on the organelle

Hi There-

I’m using the organelle with my bass station II (with no DAW in-between) and i’m Running into an issue:

I’d like to use the BSII keyboard to trigger notes (pitch and gate) on the Organelle, then I filter the organelle’s sound through the EXT in on the BS II and out through my effects… sometimes blending with the analog oscillators in the BSII. (I done this with pretty good success with the Microbrute + organelle in the past.)

Unfortunately i’m running into this issue with the BSII where it sends CCs to the Organelle any time I turn any knob on the BSII, and patch to patch they affect it in ways I can’t anticipate (and don’t want.) I solved the problem in the other direction by turning off outgoing MIDI on the Organelle.

There’s no way to turn off the outgoing MIDI CCs on the BSII that I can find. Is it possible for the Organelle to be set to receive incoming gates and notes but not MIDI cc info?