ATMOS: Experimental Ambient Soundscaper

here is a little drone machine i worked on on the train. i don;t have my organelle

this is what i think it should do
pg1 aux starts a new atmos
pg2 aux switches between Tonal/Atonal
pg3 aux turns the drone on/off
pg4 aux pings a new drone

the rest are parameters with sliding


this is a patch built for Alexandre Torres Porres’ AMAZING else libraries, this one features brown~ a brownian noise generator. No other externals were harmed in the making of this patch


the menu comes up okay. I tried AUX on every page but I’m sorry to say there’s no sound at the moment.

there’s probably an external missing I’ll be home soon and plug it in and see what’s missing/
thanks for testing!

cool. I’m excited to hear the DRONE.

All fixed it was a typo
enjoy drone ville

yes! fantastic stuff!

Hey all, here’s what I figured out about the controls for this patch. Thanks for the original patch.


There are two components to the sound in this patch: Atmosphere and Drone. You need to start each of these components independently. You can’t stop the atmosphere once it is started, you’ll need to use the mix param to control it after that.

No sound until aux button is pressed in these pages.

Atmosphere : To create an Atmosphere go to the ATMOS page and press aux, this will start a new Atmosphere and all the params are on that page.

Drone : To create a drone; go to page 3 and select aux, this will give you a message “bass on”. This is noted as “drone on/off” in the original instructions at the top of the original post.
You must also go to the “more” page and select aux which starts the drone…”new drone”

It’s a little hard to tell exactly what’s going on from here but I’ll try.

Page 2 : Drone 1-4. This appears to be a kind of low pass filter for each drone. Each drone has its own frequency range. As you move towards 100% you hear more of the drone.s

Page 3 : Drone 5-8. This appears to be a high pass filter. As you move towards 100% you hear less and less of each drone. There can be a pretty radical shift in audiblility of a drone from 1 to 0%.

more (Page 4) : Can’t really tell what’s going on here but the params tell us we are affecting drone 6 and 7 in some manner.