Audio Setup : change the audio settings / sample rate from the Extra menu

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I’ve just made this basic tool (that can now be updated directly from the Extra menu), here’s the link :


compatible with Capture : record/resample stereo audio from almost any patch


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This is interesting, thanks for sharing. Wow 96kHz, that is fast. I believe a few patches unfortunately have 44.1kHz hardcoded (for things like sample playback speed calculations), instead of using Pd’s [samplerate~] object to check the sample rate so that they work the same for all sample rates.

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Thanks for these informations! I didn’t know about that [samplerate~] object, i must learn about it … :slight_smile:

EDIT : 1.1 update released (bugfix)

yeah, same is true of externals … they can query the samplerate.
but its not always done e.g. the brds patch or orac module will be pitched incorrectly if you change the sample rate.

I plan to do a small fix for brds just for the pitch,
but because mutable stuff is hardware, there are various other bits which are fixed to a particular sample rate (in code) - so different sample rates can cause ‘artifacts’.

the way around this, and used by things like VCVRack , is to down/upsample to this fixed SR,
but this is not practical on the Organelle - its just doesn’t have the cpu resources (its obviously fine on a modern desktop!)

so yeah, I see limitations in changing sample rate.

its a useful tool though, and Ive thought in the past that adding something to change audio setup would be generally useful.

I’ll admit for above reasons, I don’t tend to change sample rate, but the two things I tend to mess with buffer size and audio device.

I quite often use a different (usb) audio device - either my Zoom H5 for direct recording, or an ES-8 for eurorack - and once you start changing the audio device then you are very likely to want to change the buffer size… due to things like usb throughput.

btw: … I noticed this contains capture.pd, so I would not use… (Ive no requirement to capture audio)
I thought this patch was just going to write pd-opts.txt !?

btw2: for system utilities, I think its probably better to write them in python, like the other system utils (e.g. see wifi ones)

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i have to admit too, i don’t change the sample rate often but i like thinking “if i need to, i can do it”, as 48khz is the common sample rate used in cinema, television, etc there can be a real need for it. Of course 96khz is just a bonus feature to give extra definition for pitching when playing back with samplers, if the Organelle could handle it i would add 192khz :open_mouth: (but i don’t think so)

yeah i’m sorry this isn’t mentionned in details because i didn’t want to confuse people, it’s just for perfectionnism : the Capture(s) patch (Capture.pd) shows these informations on screenline4 : “Capture 16bit 44.1khz” and i really wanted it to show “48khz” and “96khz” respectively when changing the sample rate with Audio Setup, so the scripts replace Capture.pd just for this… it also replaces the script to run Capture(s) at the selected samplerate, otherwize it would always run at 44.1khz.

I believe if Capture is not installed, then these files included doesn’t go anyhere (the cp command doesn’t create folders if they don’t exists i think), so this shouldn’t be a problem right…?

Thanks @thetechnobear :v:

EDIT : on this forum when i press “Reply” to someone it looks like it doesn’t work, it always reply to the topic, not to the person, sadly i have to mention people manually (running with Firefox)