Been digging some fx patches today. One was SuPRcomb. Running an Op1 sequence through it resulted in the enjoyable loss of an hour.

Has anyone with PD chops thought about adding sequenced automation to patches like this? The AUX button currently isn’t in use in that patch (unless I missed something) and cpu hit is low. Having an automation page something like -

Knobs -
1- bpm - 120

Keys -
Long press on organelle key 1-24 = select automation sequence slot to record automation in to. 24 automation sequence slots available.
Tap aux = start sequencer recording.
Tap aux again = stop sequencer recording.
Tap key 1-24 = toggled start/stop automation sequence.

Things to consider -
Quantise Rec length to bar. Quantised/non-quantised slot switching. Automation overdub vs wipe.

So basically users can just hit record(aux), twiddle knobs, hit stop(aux). Hit a key to play the automation in a loop. Job done :wink:

Could be killer… Needn’t be as deep as the above version. For example if having 24 sequence slots (one per key) is a coding nightmare then even just one automation sequence would be cool.

Seems to be a lot of beneficial, longterm thought going in to a lot of the coding work going on atm and having a kind of ‘default’ automation page similar to this available for a ton of patches that would benefit from it would be a pretty big deal across the unit :wink:

Recording automation to a table I dont think is more complicated than recording audio to a table and playing it back. It is almost the same thing, depending on what table you would use. I think I would choose the audio tables and keep it at sample rate, imo easiest to work with.

  1. set up a phasor to control a table. Phasor must be synced to clock you use for the song. Can be done with som calculations.

(Actually maybe you dont even need the phasor of you just want to play back the recorded automation without editing it or changing speed on it. You can probably do with a tabplay and just retrigger the table in sync to the rest of the patch.)

  1. record automation to table like you would with audio. Play it back.

Sorry on holiday right now,on Tenerife with the kids, so can’t test it. But it is actually pretty simple :slight_smile:


It might be helpful to see how the CCquencer patch works too:

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