Hey everybody,

So I am very new to PD but I have been going through a bunch of basic projects building stuff up and learning and I wanted to build something useful and new ( to my knowledge ) for the organelle community. I’ve modified a reverse reverb patch I found online and got it working on the organelle and I wanted to try my hand at making an autosequencer that records input knob data in a certain time interval and then loops it as if part of a sequence. I have it working fine for one knob on the motherPD patch but when I load it on to the organelle it seems to stop reading and recording the knob information.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for getting it to work with the organelle or at the very least give me some insight into why it is failing based off the patch. I am mostly just trying to learn but I would also love to have the recording knob data sequencing as a musical tool.

Here is the dropbox link:

Also any tips on general things that can be improved upon in the patch would be much appreciated.

-Thanks in advance


you can look at the recent patch i created that records input data from keys into an array
this is an easy way to record data, i think it should work