AWK Music

As a way to get to know the non-Pd Organelle system a little better, I ported the generative piece “AWK Music” (by Kyle Keen, not me) to the Organelle. This beautiful and meditative piece uses a standard Posix utility — awk — in a surprising and delightful way.

This is not a translation of the piece to Pd. It uses the original AWK code, running it with awk per se on the Organelle. The resulting patch is just a couple of shell scripts.

The hardest part of this was getting the patch to heed the Organelle patch lifecycle.

Find the patch here:

Find Kyle Keen’s original here:


Rad, can’t wait to give this a spin

This is really cool, thanks for sharing… a beautiful example of low level audio generation. I love how the original redirects directly to /dev/dsp… I’ve always enjoyed generating elemental graphics by spitting stuff out directly to /dev/fb0, but never thought to do it with audio.

Yeah, looks like you listen for the /quit message which is really all you can do. Interesting to see stdbuf so you can catch the message right away? The patch launcher, named mother, doesn’t give much of a warning, I think it is 100ms then bye bye!

I guess the next challenge would be getting the volume control working…

Yep, exactly.

The other hard part was making sure all the subprocesses get shut down. (With my first attempts, the aplay pipeline would linger around even though the main process was killed.)

Also the VU meter.

But… not sure that I’ll bother with either for this patch. (Gonna concentrate on the Node stuff for a bit, probably.)

BTW I was surprised that the Organelle OS defers to the patch to handle the master volume.