Basic question on MIDI

This is probably a very basic question, but I’m a newbie when it comes to MIDI sync so please bare with me.

I have a Roland 707 connected by MIDI to the Organelle so that I can use the sequencer in the 707 to trigger sounds on the organelle. I have created a copy of the Sampler Style Patch with some Roland 808 samples matching the 16 voices of the 707, so I can basically use the 707 with the sounds of the 808 or any other drum machine.

It works great, except for one minor detail: starting the track on the Roland 707 also start the patch sequencer on the Organelle, so I get a mashup of notes until I press the Aux button to stop the Organelle’s sequencer. From my very basic understanding of MIDI, it seems the sequencer is being triggered by the start signal on the 707. Is there any way to change the patch so the Aux button doesn’t respond to that start signal?

Help! anyone? :no_mouth:

Is it possible to disable that start stop message on the 707? If not, maybe a MIDI filter box? You could filter out the start stop messages with that i should think. Do you have any requirement for the sequencer in the patch at all if the one on the 707 is sending all the notes? You could just look for the ‘r aux’ object and delete it i think? [/not expert advice]

As far as I know there’s no way to disable them in the 707. A MIDI filter box sounds like it could work though, I had never heard of that before but I’ll look into it.
The ideal solution would be to be able to disable the aux button in the actual patches (or even the sequencer option altogether), that way I could make copies of the patches I use with the roland and edit them. Do you think that removing that ‘r aux’ object should be enough?