How to remove sequence playing on Organelle M

I am currently sequencing the Organelle M using my Beat Step Pro (BSP).
However I am just facing this issue: when I open a patch, say Additive synth, and press play button on my BSP also the Oganelle starts playing its own recorded sequences, say 1Seq if this is the current one.

This is quite annoying, since I would like to use the only BSP to run sequences, rather than overlaying the BSP sequences with the ones of the organelle (which are also BPM-independent).

The only solution I found for now, is to delete the notes in a sequence and re-record a new sequence with just some authomatizations. However this does not seem to be the most suitable solution of ever (it is just a “hack”).
So, anyone knows how to solve this?


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I am also interested in this.
Using Organelle and Organelle M in a DAW (ableton live) as well as in a pure hardware environments, midi start command always starts the sequencer in patches.

I suppose this should be something “easy” to do by modifying the main.pd file of the desired patch in the portion related with “r aux”. However, since I am not an expert in programming in pure data, I would like to receive some suggestion for doing this safely.


Yes this is a bit of an issue with the sequencer. Your solution is not a bad one, but still not ideal. I guess an eventual feature would be one of the sequencer slots (like the last one) is just empty and really the whole sequencer would be shut down for that slot. That would take a bit of work, so in the meantime you could just disconnect the MIDI start / stop messages.

In the patch there is a folder ‘CG-Library-Local’ and inside there is the sub patch metronome360.pd. You can open this file and delete these 3 connections:

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 1.03.03 PM

This will disable MIDI from starting and stopping the sequence. Unfortunately not the best solution because you will have to do it for each patch.

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Good to know, I will check this out! By the way I found out another simpler solution.
According to an issue I have already spotted a few times ago, see here, if you downlaod single pathces, as “Arpeggio synth”, you will note that they are already wihtout sequences (and hence no sequence playing). This because they should be older versions than the most current ones you should find on the organelle, or by downloading all the patches together. Just useful to bear in mind.


You can also delete the contents of the two files associated with each sequence key (the white keys).

There is a seq#x.txt and a seq#y.txt for each key (see center column below). Open and delete the contents circled in red for both x and y files. (the first sequence key is ‘0’ instead of ‘1’ and so on…)


As long as you don’t record to that sequence key, you will have an empty sequence. This also helps avoid having a sequence with just automation…

Hej Chris!

I wonder how this is possible in orac…? I likely use the sequences module by Ben Blash.

I found out that orac is saving its sequences in a similar .txt-file in the folder of the dedicated preset. I tried simply deleting it, except of the params.json file.

But I still get sequence which is 1 bar long hitting one single note at the beginning of the sequence.

How can I get rid of that last note. I’m not that into programming and have zero skills doin it professional. I just tried out a lot today and its really frustrating.

Thanks a lot!

I haven’t used that Sequences module so can’t say for sure. But if you don’t want any sequences, maybe the simplest thing is to remove that module from your current Orac ‘patch’?

yeah you’re right…but I ask for my Init-Preset, which I want to be like template with a few things loaded up, so that I don’t need to start from zero every time I want to create somethin new… :stuck_out_tongue: But its not a big deal, I’m just a bit obsessed and somehow autistic with some things and then I at least want to understand them, but I already got used to the single note sequence. :slight_smile: