MIDI triggering sequencer

Hey so I’ve got my organelle S receiving midi from Ableton via a Focusrite and a TRS adapter. It seems to be receiving midi data just fine.

However, everytime I hit play in Ableton, it triggers the sequencer in whatever organelle patch I’m using, so I have to manually deactivate the sequencer in the organelle.

Obviously this isn’t ideal. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Have a look here :wink:

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Thanks for your reply!

Ok so there’s no quick fix. Surprising because it renders the organelle unusable in a live set up with Ableton. This seems to happen with most of the patches I use!

I will say deleting the connections shouldn’t take very long at all. When you make that change to metronome360.pd, you can copy it to all the other patches you use. It’s also good practice if you ever get into Pure Data because that is when the Organelle turns into a musical dream machine


@Noobyharry there’s also the option of telling Ableton to not send those MIDI transport messages. This can be found in Ableton’s Preferences menu and unchecking the ‘Sync’ box in the Output row:


Ok amazing thank you everyone.

I will try playing around with my Ableton settings tomorrow and see how I get on!

Nice one the Ableton fix did the job. Thanks so much!

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