How to disable sequencer start upon receiving MIDI Start

Is there an easy way to disable the sequencer from automatically starting upon receipt of a MIDI clock pulse?

I have the Analog Style 2019 patch set up to receive MIDI beat clock from an external source. The Organelle then passes the beat clock info thru to another device. I would like for the Organelle sequencer to ignore any “Start” messages, but still pass them on (along with MIDI clock info) to the devices downstream.

Is this possible? Any info would be appreciated — thanks!


Hi Andrew

possible? yes… easy? yes and no… If you know how to use Pure Data you can rather easily adapt any patch to fit your gusto and what you are trying to do is not super complicated. But I assume you wouldn’t be asking this question if you were well versed in Pure Data, therefore matters become much more difficult.

Anyhow, what would you need to do? You would have to adapt c&g sequencer2-patch (that comes with AnalogStyle) and change it’s midi control behavior in the midi-control subpatch… Now, I can’t walk you through the whole process and this will require a basic understanding of pure data and midi to accomplish… but if you needed a reason to dive into pure data… there you go :wink:

Generally speaking the Organelle becomes much more powerful, customizable, rewarding and interesting when you learn Pure Data. It will some take effort and time, but you will be able to customize and create patches that are a perfect fit for your setup and liking.

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Hi Sam,
Thanks so much for your reply. I hear everything you say about Pure Data, and I plan to devote a significant chunk of my summer getting into it, as I realize it is definitely the way to make the most use of the Organelle.

In the meantime, I would love to figure out how to tweak the patches that have the built-in sequencer. Ideally, it would not play automatically upon receipt of clock/start messages, but would still be able to play when manually triggered (and in-sync with the next MIDI clock pulse).

I am specifically interested in modifying the patches that have the new v3 version of the sequencer — like Analog Style 2019, Arpeggiator Synth 2019, etc. — as these patches have MIDI functionality that is currently working for me.

I have already tried my hand at tweaking some of the Pure Data files in the Seq v3 folder contained with these patches, and with some success. Although the sequencer still starts upon receipt of MIDI info, there is not any audio coming out of it! This is definitely a big help, but not ideal. I simply tried disconnecting several of the patch lines in Pure Data that seemed to be related to MIDI “play,” etc. and managed to disarm it, but it is not the optimal way to do it, I’m sure.

I totally understand that you can’t hold my hand in this, but if you could perhaps point me in the right direction regarding the most appropriate pd patches to alter, I will be happy to dive in and see if I can figure it out myself. Thanks so much again for your time!

Best Wishes,

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Andrew, I fear that without any understanding of Pure Data this is going to be extremely challenging (especially the new c&g sequencer patches are really complex). So let me say this again: I would recommend starting somewhere else and acquire first a basic understanding of how Pure Data works…

Anyhow, the Analog Style patch has, as far I know, not yet been updated with seq3 and the Sequencer2-abstraction is not that complex and if you familiarize yourself at least with the basics of Pure Data you may be able to tackle this…

Where to look? Open the Sequencer 2 abstraction in Analog Style folder and there you’ll find what you need (it has a sub-patch in it called midi-control, top left corner, click to open) The [midirealtimein] object should be your focus as it “feeds” midi messages into Pure Data patches. What matters for you specifically are the messages 248, 250, 251 & 252 (as these are midi beat signal & start, continue and stop messages).

Bear in mind, that to make sensible alterations you will need decipher how the patch handles these messages and how the sequencer is controlled…

The rest is up to you to tackle… I wish you the best of luck :wink:

Hello Hello,

I am reviving this subject a bit, because it is quite complicated to use the organelle with abelton live cause the start and stop sync … Maybe, in one year, there is a new, simpler solution ^^

… like an option that activates / deactivates “start and stop” from the midi menu?

(I propose because I opened pure data, and I floated in an ocean without water :))

Health and happiness and chocolate

I find how !!

Open the metronome.pd and i delete the square “start / stop / continue” ( and keep the midi clock ) !! I don’t know if it’s the correct way to doing that but it’s working !


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