Organelle 1 questions

Hi there.

I recently purchased an Organelle 1.
Clever little box though I’m having trouble working out where it fits into a song. No doubt that will come.
I find the patches all rather too idiosyncratic currently.

Also, when I run audio, I can hear electronic activity very loudly. Like the computer is leaking into the audio.

Any tips on both workflow and this audio issue would be much appreciated!

Stay well!

Is this audio input or output? What patch, or does it happen all the time?

Hi there.

It is on the audio output.
All patches, including during loading. Some worse than others but all patches bleep and whine.


Do you have any devices (Audio interface, midi-controller/keyboard, etc) in your setup that are being powered by USB? What your describing sounds a lot like noise I’ve experienced powering devices connected to the organelle via usb.

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Hi friend(er).

So, I have the Keystep Pro connected via USB to the Organelle (for midi) then into my mixer then into a simple Behringer USB soundcard and into Logic.

The rest of my gear is traditional 5 pin midi.


If you are only powering the KSP via the Organelle’s USB port, either one or both instruments are probably inadequately powered which can lead to noise. On page 51 of the manual Arturia indicates that KSP needs 1.0A to power the LEDs, etc. The USB ports on the Organelle can only supply 0.5A maximum. So there may be a low-power issue.

Can you try with the KSP powered by its power supply? If the noise is still there, can you try without the KSP connected to the Organelle at all?

Hi Chrisk.

The Keystep Pro is powered with it’s supplied power supply.
Organelle powered also.
I’ll listen to just the Organelle now.

It’s still there even with headphones into just the Organelle.

Could it be that I have the Organelle on the end of a daisy Chain?

Do you have a ground loop going? If you disconnect everything from the Organelle except the power and the headphones, is it there?
Is your Organelle pre-owned?

Disconnected everything. The only power I have is a daisy chain supply with a reverse polarity adapter on as it is an effects pedal daisy chain.

Brand New.

Interesting. We haven’t produced the original Organelle in 1.5+ years.

This sounds problematic. Please use a dedicated power supply for the Organelle. The Organelle requires 9VDC with a minimum of 1.0A and a 2.1mm tip with center-positive polarity (as you know).

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Thanks for the info.

I bought it approx 1.5 years ago but have been BUSY and left all my gear in storage.
I had the Organelle shipped direct there. Self - control level 900.

The power supply/daisy chain I have is 9v 1A but I’ll try it with one just on its own and repot back.

Many thanks.

Sold it.

Not my vibe. WAY too idiosyncratic to make real music.

My $0.02