Best string synthesizer patch?

Hi! I’m still waiting for my Organelle M to arrive (should be with me in a few days!) but I’m curious about its abilities as a string synth. I’ve seen a few basic patches, and this amazing Pd Karplas Strong implementation.

What’s your favourite string synth patch? Anything similar to the Korg Trident or Roland RS-505? Or similar to the Behringer VC340?

I like a lot the Aquarius patch! There are two presets for strings.
There’s also two mellotrons patchs with strings, but it maybe not what you’re looking for…


I like the sound of Aquarius too! Seems like it will scratch the itch for a string machine.

I think someone made an emulation of the classic Roland vocoder with strings too

The VP-330? Do you know the name of the patch?

Here it is!

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Thank you!

@Arkaki0 My Organelle has arrived, and I’m loving the strings in both Aquarius and the VP-330 patch. Amazing sounds!

@oweno Quick question, when the display says “Battery Low”, is it safe to turn it off? And can the disk image be damaged by turning it on with low batteries i.e. does it write during boot or is the process readonly? Oh, and does the battery charge level indicator take into account NiMH vs Alkaline?

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I’m glad the Organelle arrived!

Thanks for the Karplas Strong link, I got it working as an Organelle patch, although limited to 4 voices. I’ll try to post it later today.

When it says “Battery Low”, it has already shutdown automatically, so it is safe to switch off and remove power. The disk is read only, so it is fine to power on if the batteries are low. If they are really low, it won’t finish booting. the battery indicator is ‘tuned’ for NiMH batteries, so it might not be as accurate with Alkaline.

Awesome! Didn’t expect that someone would port the Karplas Strong implementation! Can’t wait to try it out!

Also, thanks for answering my questions. :smiley:

Edit: Oops, it’s actually spelt “Karplus”.

ahh, yes. Thanks for the clarification.

Here is the patch… I haven’t had a chance to try it on Organelle 1, so I’m just posting it here for now and not on patch storage. let me know how it works.

KS (249.6 KB)


Thanks for the patch! I’ve tried it now, and it works great! However, I’d say that it needs to be transposed down two octaves. The synthesis doesn’t seem to do that well with higher notes, becoming almost just white noise. It really shines in the lower octaves after plugging my piano into the Organelle! A range from C1 to B3 would be ideal.

I also noticed that once it runs out of voices, any new key presses won’t retrigger the envelope. In other words it will play one of the existing voices but in the newly pressed note, which can be a bit jarring. Not sure if this is a quick fix though?

Thanks again!

Just uploaded a new one here:

Transposed down 2 octaves, you are right, sounds great down there.

I think you were hearing ‘voice stealing’, this is an option of the [poly] object in Pd, you can specify if it grabs currently playing voices if it runs out. I turned it off so that if you are holding down 4 keys, you’ll have to release one before playing another.

The .zop format installs on both Organelle M and Organelle 1. On the M, it can handle 4 voices, on the Organelle 1, a 3 voice version gets installed.


It really does! Thanks for the patch!

Thanks! I will check that zop installer too :slight_smile: