Brownie - Harmonic Tremolo

Hi everyone!

I got into Pure Data about 1 1/2 months ago and have just uploaded my very first patch.

It’s a probably not 100% correct take on Fender’s Harmonic Vibrato which has been included in many of their early 1960s so-called “Brownface” amps.

The incoming signal gets split up into a high- and a low-passed signal, modulated by two identical but 180° out-of-phase LFOs and then added together again.

This description of the schematic by David Morrin helped me a lot: Fender Harmonic Vibrato -

Usage is pretty much self-explanatory and fairly basic - just two parameters for speed and depth. Footswitch and Aux switch between effect and bypass.

It sounds almost identical to the “brown” setting on my White Whale - White Whale — Crazy Tube Circuits - which has been my reference point.

Hope it’s of use for anybody interested. Works well on guitars and basses but I don’t know about synths as I don’t currently own one to test…

Open to any feedback! Thanks!


I really like it! I was bummed that it was only available as a stand alone patch but it sounded so good with my guitar, I ported it over to Orac for use with other modules! Also, it does sound great with synths :wink:


Thanks a lot for the feedback. As mentioned above I have just started out with pd about 1 1/2 months ago and still consider myself a beginner.

I have tried Orac a while ago but it felt so overwhelming, that I haven’t spent any more time with it - which I should definitely change. Porting to it is way beyond my current ability - in fact I wouldn’t even know where to start but it makes of course perfect sense as a module in a digital pedalboard - so thank you for taking care of that! Hats off! :brown_heart:

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In my honest opinion, it’s much easier to write a module for Orac than the regular Organelle. Especially complex patches that use multiple pages. A lot of the interface has already been designed and taken care of for you, you just have to define your parameters you will be using in a separate .json file. In fact, the Orac version is a smaller program than the stand alone version. I’m in the process of getting a livestreaming setup going so I can help answer questions about Orac and help further it’s development. It definitely has it’s quirks for developers however but I want to help be able to grow the community so everyone can make more modules for me to use :smiling_imp:

Orac can be a little overwhelming at first but ever since I’ve been digging into it over the past year, it is practically the only patch I use and I have based my entire live set around it with the modules I’ve developed. I put together what I think is some what thorough documentation on Orac in a different thread called Orac beginner resources if you want to check that out. I think there is also a video tutorial that I put together that might also be in either that thread or the Orac 2.0 thread.


Perfect, just wanted to ask you for some pointers in the right direction. I will check that definitely out! Thank you!

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Great patch! Thank you! We made a quick video with it:


Wow! Thank you so much for this. This made my day! :heart:

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