Can you delete patches from the USB drive directly on the Organelle?

Hey there. Is there a way to delete patches on my USB drive without using the Desktop UI?

If not, I hope someone can come up with a way. There are a lot of patches I don’t find useable, and I’m finding it hard to remember which ones they are. Its really tedious to have to scroll through on the Organelle, load a patch, find it not to my liking/unusable, write the name of it down, turn off the Organellle, plug the USB into the Desktop and delete it from the UI there.

Any help/workaround appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, you can delete (and add, reorganize, etc.) patches using the web browser-based Patch Manager. This is covered in the manual and requires a USB-WiFi adapter.

Thanks! Unfortunately I’m not able to connect yet, but it could be my home network.