Cannabits not working on Organelle 1

I have installed Cannabits on the Organelle 1, but neither knob 1 (BPM) nor the Aux button seem to work.

The issue appears to be patch-specific, since they operate normally with other patches.

Knob 1 remains at O BPM and aux button does not lit up.

I’m running firmware 3.1.

Hi, Thank you for providing your OS version. If you update to OS 4.0 for the Organelle 1, Cannabits should work. Instructions for updating are here.

The unit that I have was bought second hand from a seller on Reverb who did not disclose that the MicroSD slot is apparently damaged. He sold me the device with a 4 GB mini SD card inside a USB adapter. This card contains patches but also a folder with update files for the 3.1 version of the firmware.
The interesting thing is that the device loads the operating system when I switch it on, even when the SD card in the USB port is not inserted.
This is all quite bewildering and disconcerting and the seller has not provided me with any kind of explanation.

I assume that a micro SD card should be present in the built-in slot, otherwise the operating system would not be able to boot. Or does it boot entirely from RAM?

In the meantime I was trying to burn the 4.0 version of the firmware into the an 8GB pen drive, but Etcher says that it is too small. I thought that this is the size that the minimum requirements.

Finally, if there is no micro SD card in the built-in slot or if it is somewhat damaged, is it possible to load the OS from one of the USB ports?

Did you try ejecting the microSD card from the rear panel?

  1. Please power down the Organelle
  2. Locate the thin slit in the rear of the enclosure (above ‘Critter’)
  3. Use a pin or paperclip to press in on the black SD card to eject it and it will spring out gently about 1/8".

Yes, 8GB is the minimum size, but manufacturers have a different way counting to 8GB:

Do you have another 8GB sd card from a reputable brand that you can try?

The microSD card was far too deep into the slot. I managed to extract it after opening the machine.
Today I’m going to buy a new micro SD card.
Is there any size limit? Would a 64gb SDXC work?

All sorted. I bought a brand new 16 GB micro SD card and managed to successfully install version 4.0 of the firmware.
It’s just a pity that MacOS Catalina won’t recognize the micro SD card once the organelle firmware is burned onto it. I even tried to format the micro SD card in FAT32, before burning, but to no avail. Right now I can only load patches from a USB drive.

Yes, unfortunately Mac OS cannot natively ‘see’ the SD partition formatted for the Organelle’s Linux OS.

There’s always the option of using a USB WiFi adapter and the Organelle’s browser-based patch manager. This is covered in the manual. Be sure that your USB WiFi adapter has the Ralink 5370 chipset. Other chipsets may require additional drivers, etc., and won’t work ‘out of the box.’