No SD card or WiFi Dongle with 2nd Hand Organelle

Greetings…As the title suggests my purchase came without the SD card and the Wi-Fi dongle. The unit has been wiped clean so I have nothing to go on with. Please advise how a new user in my position can get around this less than favourable start. Thank you

Buy an SD card

Does that mean there’s no proprietary card that comes with the unit?

HI, Exactly, the sdcard that comes with the unit is not propietary. I recommend that you buy the best quality 16 / 32 Gb micro-Sd you can. (My unit came with an 8Gb sandisk card) and then you download the sdcard image linked in this thread: Organelle OS version 4.0

Did your unit came with an Usb drive with patches at least?. It’s actually strange to sell an organelle without its Sdcard &/or Usb drive The wifi dongle it’s a more optional (and cheap) thing. check in the forum for recommended Wifi dongles. greetz.

No, no OS installed and no SD card. Tried installing the OS to an attached thumb drive…I can see the options for the patches but am unable to scroll through any menus and the push encoder does nothing. Will invest in a card and try the internal ‘proper’ method. Thanks for the input

Actually, it does have a micro SD card after all… It was lost inside the unit. However, it still didn’t have the os installed which is odd. It is only 4gb and won’t hold os 4.0 so I’ll have to get a larger one anyway.

OK, so I purchased a 16gb SanDisk card…Downloaded OS 4.0 and installed Balena Etcher. Pointed the etcher at the unzipped file and pointed to the new (Fat32 formatted) micro SD card…it started to decompress and then I get this…everytime…Have also re downloaded the OS file in the event the first download was corrupted…not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please advise

OK so NOW I have managed to get the OS flashed to the card and when I insert the card into the Organelle, I get a progress count up to approx 70% and then the main menu appears With Patches at the head of the tree and Effects, Hybrids, Samplers, Synthesizers in the Menu…trouble is the rotator knob does not move to any of the options…It’s highlighting ‘Effects’ but not able to move down to the other options from there…Do I have a defective Organelle? Or have I missed something else in the installation process…This is proving to be a nightmarish start

I’d recommend taking a video of your issues and contacting c&g directly.

it totally sounds like your encoder is broken. Should be easy to replace if you know how to solder but it was an ugly move from the previous owner to sell you the organelle like that. Btw… If you press the encoder (rotator knob…), does it show the contents of the effects folder?

It could be the ground pin in the encoder, If you (or someone you know) can resolder the encoder pins to the pcb, that might work…

Have initiated a refund process on Ebay… Can’t live with a unit like this and should not have been sold as such… Hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for an Organelle though… The hunt begins again

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