Cioks DC7 Powering Organelle?

I have a Cioks DC7 arriving soon mainly to power a couple of my pedals. I just noticed that it has a 5V usb outlet (USB outlet: 5V DC, max 1A), would this work for powering the Organelle using my MyVolts Ripcord DC converter?

It does also come with a Standard Flex type 2 cable – red with 5,5/2,1mm centre positive DC plug for the main outlets although the spec says the outlets do 660mA at 9V DC.

The Organelle’s external power spec requirements are as follows:

  • 9VDC
  • minimum 1000 milliamps (1.0 Amp)
  • 2.1mm barrel tip with center-positive polarity.

Does your Ripcord have those output specs?

The Cioks’ 9V DC outlets that max out at 660mA should not be used with the Organelle. They do not provide enough amperage.

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Thank you, it looks like the Ripcord does fit those specs?

The chord fits on the Organelle fine, I generally use it with a power bank & haven’t had any issues