Ripcord USB 9V

Any points one should be aware of regarding this USB 9V converter?
Just ordered one…

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I’ve only used mine a few times, but so far Ive had no issues with it - its a nice product, well designed, and a nice length cord on it.

mine works well. I use mine with the polarity converter they sent with the organelle, as I ordered the guitar pedal style cords during the kickstarter.

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I have a couple. A centre positive for my Organelle and a centre negative for some guitar pedals I use. Agree they are nicely made things.

One thing to note (and perhaps I should have expected this) - when I used both on the same multi-USB-port charger, a lot of digital noise got passed back from the Organelle to the pedal and mixer I was running off the same charger. A separate iPhone style charger for the Organelle fixed the noise.

When you say “iPhone charger’ is it the old type? The kind that splits into two when pulled apart? Or the updated model one gets/got with the iPhone 7 & the like?

I tried it with one old and one new style one and one funky folding one that Apple brought out in the UK and discontinued pretty swiftly. They all worked with the Organelle. My power hungry pedal wasn’t happy with most of them though.

Thanks for your friendly helpful information.

Also if you can oblige further, how long did you run the charger? Did it get hot?

Me not all that familiar with devices that step-up voltage and a wee bit worried regarding long time using (as in) hours of using.

I am not too sure. Half a day at most perhaps. Things did get fairly hot but not worryingly so. I would need to test again to gat a real sense of the temperatures. That said, I did not get worried myself, but my own use cases wouldn’t involve really long sessions or leaving the stuff on but unattended for very long periods.

Thanks once more.

I’m still waiting for delivery of this

I will be using a power pack with 10000 mAh. Will post the results and how long it will last.

Well, that’s me got the Ripcord and all is working with no issues.

Managed to get a 32GB working with just over 22GB for Patches and Samples.

Down side of this, one has to upload via the HDMI desktop.

Can’t have it all can one :joy:

iFi iDefender3.0 External USB Ground Loop Eliminator - Silence Noise/Hum/Buzz/Distortion

Thank you!

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