Clds, Help please!

Hi, I’m new to Organelle & have no idea about pure data etc so apologies if I’m being silly & missing something really obvious (I’m sure I am!)…
I’m trying to install @thetechnobear’s Clds to my Organelle M.
I currently have the original patch installed but I’m confused as to how to update it to the most recent one. I know theres instructions on the Patchstorage page but I’m not sure what they mean completely. Am I meant to unzip the newest Clds folder & place the two files into the original Clds folder in the Organelle directory?


Hi Hector
Looks like you’re trying to install a nebuale version of clouds on your organelle.
It can’t work.

Aah yes. Silly me! I didn’t check the category on the site.
Cheers Tony

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Try this one clds | Patchstorage

Yep that’s the one, Cheers. I just got confused when I saw a more recent version on his Patchstorage page and assumed it was an update. Turns out it was for Nebulae though.