Connect Organelle to ETC

I saw a post by @chrisk about using the CCquencer Organelle Patch to control the ETC Video Synth.
How do I connect my organelle to the etc?
Do I only need to purchase a cable to connect the two?


Yes, you need a USB-MIDI cable to connect the Organelle to the ETC’s MIDI input jack.

Thank @chrisk . Which usb-midi cable do you recommend and do I need one with a driver?

Use a class-compliant one (no driver needed). We like EMU XMIDI 1X1 USB MIDI. Get one from a reputable manufacturer. The $7 no-name ones from the internet are of very questionable quality.

Thanks @chrisk . What if I wanted to connect my iPhone to the midi input of the ETC? How would I do that? iRig Midi?

iConnectivity have some good products this one can be use either with an IOS device or standard USB

edit: you get two cables :wink:

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Ok @keymanpal so the iConnectivity midi is all I need to connect my phone to the midi input? I do not need any more cables or things other than what is included in this product? Do I need to install drivers with the iConnectivity because I remember reading somewhere on the forum that drivers cause problems? Thanks!

Yes @Ethan, that is one solution (there are others)
iConnectMIDI1 - lightning cable - midi interface - attached DIN MIDI plugs, no drivers its class-compliant.

Thanks so much! Just purchased it and can’t wait to use it.

Great! ended not saying, Its the one MIDI interface I use everywhere, not just for one job :wink:

the ‘usb host to host’ dongle from Sevilla Soft should also work for just organelle to etc.

I love this little device, really handy thing :slight_smile:

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