Hooking it up to midi controller

Specifically what do I use to use my boss es8 to send midi ? Would I be able to use roland um one mk2?

The Roland UM-1 will not work since it needs a driver (https://www.roland.com/us/products/um-one_mk2/downloads/). The Organelle only works with USB-MIDI Class-compliant (AKA ‘driverless’) devices.

Here’s a video showing different MIDI connections.

This is also covered beginning on 22 of the Organelle manual:

So just a 5pin midi to use cable from organelle to the boss es8 should work then right?

I don’t know your setup, but since the organelle only takes USB MIDI I have a cable like this. I just run the MIDI OUT from my keyboard/synth and it works fine (channel 1)

EDIT: Run the MIDI IN from this cord to the MIDI OUT on your synth/controller, USB to the organelle

I tried connecting the class compliant midi to usb cable last night from the second usb port on the organelle to an m-audio midi controller and it didn’t work :frowning:

I was using the basic sampler patch. When I removed the usb cable (not the usb card) my sample was erased and replaced with a flute or something. Am I doing this wrong?