Connecting MIDI to Moog Mother-32


I saw a recent Instagram post from C&G showing the Organelle M connected to the Moog Mother-32 using MIDI.

I have tried connecting my Organelle M using the MIDI cable but it’s not working.

I ran the cable from the MIDI out port on the Organelle M to the MIDI IN on the Mother-32.

Then went into the MIDI settings on the Organelle M, and enabled MIDI out, but there is nothing detected/listed as devices - I would expect to see the Mother-32 here. Equally there is no flashing MIDI light on the Mother-32 to indicate pairing/control.

I’m using a Befaco MIDI to Mini Jack Cable Type B cable.

Any help or suggestions would be welcomed. Just grabbed Waterfall 2.0 and I’m looking forward to running it through the Moog!



This is the incorrect TRS-MIDI type. The Organelle M requires Type A.

Specific devices only show up in the MIDI device menu when they are connected via USB. The TRS-MIDI ports are always ‘on’ so there’s no need to select them in this menu. Just make sure your connected devices are sending/receiving on the same channel.

Perfect! hopefully it’s that simple then. Just ordered the correct type of cable and I’ll report back with the results. Thank you!