Real Time Convolution?


Hello Braintrust,

I was wondering if it were possible to do real time convolution on the Organelle with live input? I’m aware of the bsaylor partconv~ external and also the Huddersfield HISStools stuff, but I’m not too sure how to implement it.
I’m wanting to write a patch that can convolve live input with a number of pre-loaded sounds which can be cycled through, sort of like the DJ patches. So it can be used for multiple reverbs or non IR convolution.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


@scumvullage recently said he’d got bsaylor partconv~ to work… but it consuming all cpu.

generally convolution reverbs are pretty cpu intensive.
not sure if there are any that take enough shortcuts to be done on smaller devices.

that said… bela faq says:
Can it do convolution reverb?
“A few years ago a student in our lab implemented a convolution reverb on a standard, unoptimized Beaglebone Black, with impulse responses as long as 12 seconds. So yes, the processing power is there.”
and the Organelle has the same kind of processing power, so perhaps the right algo can make it happen :slight_smile:


Ok, great! I’ll start experimenting and see what works. I suspect that maybe cycling through files might be a bit much for the cpu. I had the idea to have two separate channels of convolution so that the transitions between switching impulses would be smooth, but I think that this might be too cpu intensive.

I’ll try it out though and let you know how it goes.




Not sure what’s under the hood but I’ve enjoyed this convolution patch.


its using bsaylors partconv~