Buzzing electronic sound

Recently purchased the Organelle and I’ve been having a lot of fun, playing through my headphones and Tascam. I’ve recorded it a few times through my Tascam DR05. I left it alone for a couple weeks and I’ve had no issues until today. When I plugged it in to record it gave me a really abrasive buzz/feedback/electronic sound. The patches still played through but sounded distorted and had the same demon buzz. :sweat: I feel like it has something to do with the power supply and not the other cords? I’ve switched different cords out and tried out another Tascam I have and different headphones. It gave me the same sound. The power supply is the original from C&G. I saw another post about surface leakage which looks similar.

Any feedback as to what the issue might be?
Edit: Have not used another power supply, only the original that came with It.

Sounds like a grounding issue …
I sometimes get this when plugging into other devices. I’ve not figured out exactly when, as I often use the organelle plugged into a mixer which solves the issue.

Do you get it, if you plug into an audio interface or mixer?

PSU - any 9v > 1amp psu will do, just make sure it’s centre positive.

Hi @cristinaww,
Do you still get the buzz if you only have headphones connected? (no other outputs/inputs/USB)
Is it present in all patches? If not, which ones have the buzz?

Only with headphones plugged in, it sounds normal. It sounded fine for a week with the Tascam and then a couple days later it wasn’t. That’s weird to me. I think the point of getting the Organelle is to record it…I don’t want to have to spend any more money to make it work.

So the mixer resolved the issue? Did you change the plug at all or you just tried the mixer?

Ive always used another power supply, but that’s just because I didn’t want to have to deal with a US adapter, easier to have an EU plug.

generally, i tend to use my Organelle in a couple of ways:

  • off a usb battery pack, with headphones (mobile setup :slight_smile: )
  • connected to power, thru the mixer.

I only got the hum, when I one day was feeding audio into the organelle directly , rather than the usual way to thru the mixer sends… took me a while to figure out that was the issue :wink:

I was asking about using only the headphones to see where the buzz started (if it was internal, or if it happened when connected to other devices)

The buzz could be caused by a ground loop. Are your tascam and Organelle powered by the same wall outlet? If they are, are other devices plugged into your tascam or Organelle that are on different outlets?

The buzz doesn’t occur with headphones. My tascam is battery powered so it’s not on the same outlet. I did run it through a mixer and that eliminated the problem. So that was a relief. I was hoping to use it through just my tascam though. I’m going to try getting another power supply and see how that works out. Thank you guys for your help :slightly_smiling_face: