Decker on Organelle - hyperlinked documents

This is a bit left-field, but I wanted to share a fun experiment.

There is a new app out there called “Decker” that is inspired by the classic Hypercard app for Mac.

How the author/creator describes it:

Decker is a multimedia platform for creating and sharing interactive documents, with sound, images, hypertext, and scripted behavior.

I was able to build and run this on my Organelle M very easily by following the instructions in the repository.

It has very few dependencies, but you need to install a few packages in the process, which means enabling r/w mode on your Organelle, so use at your own risk (back up your Organelle files first).

I think it fits in with the Organelle aesthetic. I haven’t figured out a use for Decker yet, but it could be useful to have a little scripting language, and if it could be made to interact with PureData in some way, perhaps it could be possible to author a neat interactive storybook for teaching and learning topics related to music and synthesis, all in a standalone workstation.



the digital storybook concept is tried and true. it would ibe interesting to observe how c&g’s philosophical language would translate in Decker/HyperCard space

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