Slow or non-functioning knobs in ORAC 2

Sometimes the 4 knobs don’t work to change parameters in Orac 2 modules
right away. I found I have to turn them down or up all the away to change values. Sometime I can’t get them to listen at all. This does not happen with factory patches. Did I break something?
Is this normal? On an Org M. with 4.0 software, Not really taxing orac usually
just a seq. to synth to fx in parallel. Just playing the keyboard no external controller, just 3 slots. Thanx folks.

Because you mention it’s not factory patches im thinking some user patch is causing this issue. Which ones are you using when this happens if i may ask?

I know for example realsampler24 (when changing the knob to select between kits it takes a while to load the parameter). Just think it depends how the patcth has been set up.

Another thing might be that you generally need to turn the knob to the value shown on the screen before it registers any movement…
So for example if on the screen the first line is 0 you’d have to turn the first knob fully anti-clockwise before bringing it back up to where you want it.
I guess it’s so that if you tweak a knob in another module it doesn’t change the next module when you go into it

I think this is what’s happening sometimes, but sometimes I get no change at all turned up then down several times… maybe I turning the knobs too fast? But it has not happened in happened in the factory patches I’ve tried. Seems like pd is sluggish to respond. Should I delete and re-install Orac?

I know this was from a while ago, but has anyone else had this problem? I’m having it often with various patches in Orac (e.g., 4wave).