Delete .zop files

Hi everybody! I just bought my Organelle and installed some patches but I had some issues with some .zop files like brds_mpe.zop I clicked on the file andI recieved “install failed, unable to unzip” message. When I loaded the usb drive into my Mac I could’nt find the.zop file anymore but I still see it in the patches list on my Organelle. Could anybody help me in deleting these files? I don’t knowwhere they are… Thanks in advance. Angelo

rename it to zip. :slight_smile: After that it will work

Hi Korb! thanks for your reply but the problem is I can’t find the .zop files in the patch folder when I put the usb drive on my mac. I can see them only in the Organelle scree. Sorry for being so dumb…

it’s an issue with Macs and the little invisible files they seem to create. i have the same problem. when you copy the zip file to the USB it creates another hidden zop file with the same name but beginning with a dot. that file is not the true install file so make sure you try to install the correct one (the one without a dot at the start).

i couldn’t get the files to reveal themselves on my Mac so i can’t delete them. but if you install the latest OS 3.0 beta update then they will be hidden on the organelle too. they don’t seem to be a problem so out-of-sight out-of-mind and that’s good enough for me.

Hi Andy thanks for your precious suggestion! I installed the OS 3.0 but I see the files already… Maybe I can put the usb driver on a pc. Do you think it would work? Thanks again!!!

sorry, i meant OS 3.1 beta ---->

Ok! Thanks again Andy!

yeah, this is a known issue… actually the file is call ._brds.zop, note the dot!
this is a ‘hidden’ file that gets created by macOS, and because its hidden it can’t be seen :wink:

anyway, 3.1 beta fixes this, and the upcoming 3.1 release also deletes it from the usbdrive.

please don’t get into the habit of renaming zops to zip, this will only work properly if the ZOP only is being used for compression/packing (like a zip), however, zops can also contained installation scripts, which the Organelle will automatically run for a zop.
what this means to a user, is renaming a zop will work for some installations, but will fail for others.

(also renaming to zip in this case will not help, its the prefixed . that is causing the issue)

and… yeah, macOS creates lots of hidden files on temporary storage, its very annoying, but there is nothing that can be done about it… as you say, you have to just resign yourself to ‘out of sight, out of mind’

Thanks thetechnobear, I’ll install the 3.1 beta!

Anyone found issues on the 3.1 beta? Thanks a lot!

no major issues afaik.
There seems to be a small issue that sometimes the installer doesn’t shutdown automatically at the end - which is why it’s not released yet.
(But this doesn’t always happen, and doesn’t cause any real issue)

OK I’ll install it today! thanks!

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OS installed. No issues! Eveything’s just perfect! Thanks a Million!

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just bought an organelle that came with 3.1 installed and all of the 10 installers I tried to run failed to unzip. is there a work around? I’m not seeing any solutions on here.

thank you!

it could be your usb drive is corrupt.
perhaps try another one?

that was it - many thanks!!

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