OS 3.0 error

Well Hello there!

first of all, i’m new to the organelle and i’m loving it!!
But my organelle refuses to run the OS 3.0 patch for an update.
I tried deleting it and downloading it again like it says but it still doesn’t work.

does anyone know how to solve this?
I really want to use the zone and Czz-multi patch.

Hard to advice something with your description…

Win? or Mac? have copied over the *.zip file?

Use a good quality USB stick (C&G white one sometimes is the cause)

if your on a Mac, try the 3.1 beta, as it fixes an issue on some macOSs , which add a couple of extra hidden files.

and yeah, a decent usbstick

Mac. but deleting and downloading worked!
my organelle is up to date again

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