Detune samples in Orac

Hello all,
I recorded my ukulele, note by note from C2 to C3 to have them in sample, then i uploaded them in media/sample/kit-4 and rename each sample 1.wav (C2) 2.wav (Db2) …
When i load them on Orac with Sampler24, samplement or percussion modules, when i play a note it’s completely out of tune (if i play a C, then note is out of tune in between B and C…

Anyone got this problem before ?

Important to mention, i’m familiar with the fact that you can change the speed and pitch in each module, but on the 100% and Pitch 0 it’s already out of tune

Had a similar problem using samplement.
When you bounce your recorded samples make sure you are bouncing your wav files at 44.1kHz at 16-bit (most daws give the option to choose how to bounce them).
You could be bouncing at 48kHz which will detune the sample slightly from what I’ve experienced

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Thank you @Fuzzy_spacebear , it did solve it !

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Rad! Happy to hear