Digitakt and Midi CC work

Hi everyone,

Name is Alex. Kinda new here, but have been using the organelle since its first wave of releases. Its been an amazing machine. So I have this crazy question:

Check it out! I got my digitakt working with my organelle!!

I got midi CC to work between my Digitakt and Organelle because of this thread. It was working amazingly as I was scrolling through patches. But then I cam across a multipage synth and saw that I couldnt access the pages. After doing some diggin, I saw in this thread how @mpiecora debugged the problem.

Booyah!! Its now working…But creating the problem of me not being able to send Midi CC to my organelle anymore. I tried checking around on the site as well as snooped on some other sites I go to with trying to find a solution, but no go. I usually try to debug stuff this kinda stuff myself, but this has got me blocked.

If anyone could help out I would SUPER appreciate it!!



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Never mind everyone!!! I figured it out! :slight_smile:


What was the problem and what was the solution?

Do you mean you have managed to send midi CC to multiple pages at once on your organelle? I wish I could do this.

hey hey wannop!!

yes, I had a problem with figuring out how to send CC messages from my digitakt to the Organelle because I couldn’t run the mother patch. The mother patch was glitching out the new os update and I couldnt access the multi page functions.

Long story short, I experimented in the midi page assignment window in the digitakt and remembered when I was re routing the knobs in the mother patch that the intial CC values were 21-24. I then went into the digitakt system and assigned those CC values from the knob and VIOLA ! ! ! IT WAS ALL WORKING. You can do it too dude…just assign your cc’s to 21 to 24 and make sure its with the corresponding midi channel!! Good luck!

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Ah right - glad you got it all sorted dude! :slight_smile:
I was meaning different pages of parameters on the organelle!
As in - not just CC’s 21-24 but many more beyond. (I’m clucking for the solution to this, ha :D) I use an octatrack for the same sort of midi control you do. Good fun innit!

Well one thing i did hear working was I would assign a cc message from the assignment page to the value knob 1 on the value page. I would then go to elektron lfo page and assign it to knob 1 and then go to the assignment page and cycle through all the cc messengers to see what triggers.

I’ve also gone into particular patches and opened up the midi box to see where all the midi was going. Maybe that can help. Hope u figure it out yo!!!

CCs 21 to 24 are for knob movements only. Surely you can map MIDI CC in to anything else within your patch?

Oh yeah, totally doable when writing a new patch - but it would be very time consuming with the number of patches already out there. It would be great for these CCs to be expanded globally to reflect the multi page state many patches are in:
Page 1: CC21, 22, 23, 24.
Page 2: CC31, 32, 33, 34.

or the midi learn capability… i wonder if this is coming on OS 3.0

nope, it can’t be done like that :frowning:
the issue is… mother host, nor mother.pd know anything about 'pages’
multi pages are currently implemented in different ways , within a users patch… so there is no ‘hook’ to latch on to. a secondary issue, how the knob values to parameter change is actually done, is also done differently for every patch, so again, no hook there.

Q. how about providing a standard that patch developers could adhere to?
A. yeah that could work, but the issue is, a standard starts to look a lot like ‘rules’ , and would tend to start restricting/influencing how a patch could or ‘should’ be built… and thats potentially a slippery slope.

way forward?
for me, Im developing a framework , that among many other things, supports midi learn… (already working, and you’ll like it :wink: ) … this will be in all my patches, and free for others to use, should they wish.
(Ive been working on the OS update, OTC, and SC… so its taken a back seat, but once the OS update is out, I’m returning to it… not much left to do, at least for version 1.0)

C&G’s modular system, similarly could be extended to have midi learn… but actually given its ‘fixed’ page structure, it would be pretty trivial to add the CC21-C24 , CC31-33 as you mentioned, and copy n paste that into all the module based synths.

others, well they can either adopt these, or add their own… (I think adding to o-knobs would be fairly simple to do with fixed values)

Note: whilst fixed CC values are easy to implement, Im not a fan of them. As, some controllers do not allow you to do arbitrary CC mapping, or if they do its a pain. Hence why Im going for midi learn.


Ah ok, gotcha, yes that makes sense.

thank you technobear! all these work arounds and info are super useful for this thread.

I feel you on not having a standardize set of rules. That would be the complete opposite of this amazing instrument. When I started going deeper to find answers to my problem I started to notate out all my plus’s and betas to the infrastructure of the patching system and its limitations. I really dig how this machine makes you work with what you got and is reflective of the user’s experience.
I hope with this digitakt x Organelle x serge combo, I’ll find some amazing ways for all of them to intersect. With that said, could I try out your midi learn extension or could you lead me to where to read up on how to do it? I’m thinking If i can do some cool midi learn stuff in the organelle, I could find a way to send that automation to the beat step pro. I’m already trying to figure it out with the digtakt and bsp, but it would be even more amazing to get that info coming from the organelle as well. I can only imagine how many happy accidents of sound could happen because of that.

Anyway thanks for chimming in technobear ! ! !


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i recently got a digitakt and i’ve had an organelle for over a year now! they are becoming fast friends, especially with midi learn in the orac patch. however, when using most other patches, the low C key (key 60 i believe?) triggers whatever sound i have loaded in the first audio track (trig 1, usually a kick) but pitched up kinda high. i’m using usb to connect them and i think they are both host? cuz the digitakt can control the organelle (thru a midi track) and the organelle can control the digitakt (like when it triggers the kick, which is less important to me, but still cool if i could control it better). any ideas why it might be triggering audio track 1? i’ve even tried changing what midi out channels the organelle is sending in the midi config n nothin changes. one thing i haven’t tried yet is disabling midi in to the digitakt over usb and just taking midi in thru the din connectors, which i will try! but i’d rather just figure out why the first audio track is triggering from that one key and seemingly nothing else is crossing wires like that.

also, this is my first post on here, but i read it all the time. thanks for everyone for being a part of this awesome community!

the organelle is just sending a midi note out as normal, you can disable this in your midi settings on the organelle but you are best asking elektronauts.com about your digitakt - but I hav an octatrack which responds in various potentially problematic ways when it receives random midi notes - as they each have a specific action for the octatrack. I suspect the dugitakt is the same. I would avoid sending any note data you don’t need to your digitakt and check the manual as elektron’s are usually fairly exhaustive.

hey thanks for replying :slight_smile: i actually just solved the problem in a really simple way. i realized it wasnt the organelles doing because i plugged in a midi controller to the digitakt thru din and was still having the same problem, then saw that each audio track was receiving midi from a different channel, and audio track one (kick) was receiving midi channel 1, audio 2 gets midi 2, and so on. so i just turned all those inputs off in my digitakt and the problem is solved!

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