Disintegration loop patch

For me the patch still doesn’t work …

Otherwise I created another video on a loop using an El Capistan, a Fuck Overdrive and a killswitch. It’s quite close to Basinski’s loops :wink:

Youtube LINK

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I just tried to find this bug with Organelle-1 running OS4.0 and it would always revert to original.

What is not working for you? If you want to hear the original recording without any deterioration, you need to turn Knobs2-4 all the way down before revert.

sorry, for some reason i thought after the file was saved with deterioration it is (was) possible to revert to the original without deterioration but seems like the older version does the same. I can’t go back to a clean state after saving but it’s ok. thank you, it’s a fun patch anyway…

Hi @jani,
after the original recording is deteriorated and then stored as a loop (accessible by pressing keyboard key) it is possible to revert to the original version of the most recent recording (when you press Aux + low C# or footswitch). However this reversion does not show up on the keys (unless you store it before it is deteriorated). Only the most recent recording can be reverted back to. Older ‘originals’ are forgotten.

thanks for the info. the only thing is that i can’t store a loop before it goes at least through one cycle of deterioration so i can not go back to a “sober” state of the loop.

Nice video !!

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Sure you can! Before you record: turn knobs 2-4 all the way left or turn off the effects in the Aux menu. This prevents any deterioration from happening.

There is a difference between a Recording and a stored/saved Loop. A Recording occurs when you use the Aux menu’s Record command or Footswitch to get a new sound into the patch. When you select Revert, the most recent Recording is replayed into the effects loop. You can always Revert back to this recording until you Record something new (at which time, the previous Recording is erased). The Revert command only applies to the most recent Recording.

Whenever you want to store the current state of the effects loop, you use the Aux Menu to SaveLoop. This saves a separate file named ‘loop-X.wav’. You use the keyboard to recall this file (which loads it back into the effects loop). The patch does not keep track of how the Loops were created or which Recording they were associated with so you’re right, there is no ‘sober’ state that is recallable. (Again, the Revert command only reloads the most recent Recording.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, now i got it! i completely forgot about turning down the knobs, sorry!

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It’s weird. Could you describe whats goin on ?

Copy from the “New C&G Organelle Patches” topic :

It finally works for me!
I installed OS 4 and the revised patch.
I don’t know which of the two actions saved me but it works!
Thank you again for your help :slight_smile:

for organelle 1: do I have to use os 4.0 for the deterior patch? Because it behaves very stange and seems to not work properly with os 3.1

Own answer: YES with my organelle1 it only works with OS 4!