Disintegration loop patch

Blooper from Chase Bliss Audio has a stability knob that might be what you’re looking for also.
Not sure when it is available :

I remember doing a Disintegration Loops style patch on my Mutable Clouds module by using the Looping Delay Parasite mode, and one of the lowest fidelity settings. There’s a sweet spot for the repeats that you have to kinda of find around 2 o’clock, but once you do the loop with degrade into a haze of hiss and noise.

I wonder if something can be done like this in Cloupd?


I’ll make a video as soon as I have mastered the two pedals together and I will come back to post it here :slight_smile:

jmcharcot> The blooper seems ideal for the desired effect (dropper + stability : link ) ! I think it will be available at the beginning of 2020 (they are currently sending the first kickstarter copies). I’ll wait to see new videos on the built-in loop modifiers. But it is very promising for sure!

Huron> the Clouds module looks incredible! I admit I have unfortunately trouble using the organelle clouds patch… But I’d love to see someone exploit it fully, I’m sure we would be surprised.

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Love Basinski’s Disintegration Loops. That specifically got me into making drone music. I also am very interested in a destroy loop patch… Someone make this happen ?! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll take the Chase Bliss Blooper. It seems to be a good alternative.

We’re working on a patch that ‘disintegrates’ loops. It also stores loops for later use.

(‘Managing Expectations’ Disclaimer: We didn’t watch any of the videos or click any links in this thread so not sure if our patch is what you had in mind. However, it is fun! Please stay tuned)


Sounds great !
Can’t wait to test this :slight_smile:

Hi @fourbi,

The Deterior patch is here! Recorded samples deteriorate as they loop. Turn on up to five effects at once. Add new sounds to the mix. Store loops for future use.



I try this patch but when I stop recording there’s no playback… and when I hit a key the samples don’t loop (just one shot).
don’t understand what’s wrong

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To start recording are you using a foot switch or the Aux Menu command (Aux+Low C# key)?

I tried both in vain

What OS do you have running?

If you are using OS3.1, can you try reinstalling? Please copy the zipped file to your SD card or USB drive, select Reload from Storage menu, then select ‘install Deterior.zip’ line in the patch list. The Organelle will unzip for you.

(if you are running something other than 3.1, please update: https://www.critterandguitari.com/tags/os-update)

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I do use OS 3.1
I tried to reinstall it directly in the Organelle but I face the same problem … I do not understand why I have no playback.
The other patches have always worked well !

for me it records only 5 loops and overwrites them when I add new ones. maybe i am missing something?

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Hang on… any chance you haven’t moved knob 1 from 0% input gain after loading the patch? After recording the first pass of a loop it defaults back to 0% again too - so you turn it back up to add overdubs. Hope this is the answer.

Otherwise, for those who would be interested, I made a video with the El Capistan in loop mode + the Fuck Overdrive.
Very close to Basinski’s loops!

Youtube link


hey chris, in my case that patch is just storing 5 loops and the other keys remain empty when i record new loops. i always overwrite older ones when i press record so that in the folder there are just the last five. could it have something to do with that i run it on my usb drive (good one) and not with the sd drive? thanks in advance jan

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Hi @jani

Thanks for the note - we’re looking into it!

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We fixed a bug that @jani found with storing loops. Thanks @jani !

Newest version is here:

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hey thanks for the update. now there’s a new bug… revert to the original recording doesn’t work anymore (in the first version it was ok).