Diy eysy

Anyone tried to create a DIY EYSY ? I’ll end up buying one device, but wondering if anyone tried to run the code directly on a raspberry pi?

I am using the PiSound, so I would have good quality audio in as well as Midi In (and out) which can be used to control the scripts…

Not sure where to start apart from asking here :wink:

I have something kinda working (with some help from some others). But… it’s got a few dependencies and hard coded paths that need sorting out.

I was thinking I’d spend some time next week trying to make a script to install on a more generic RasPi system.

What I have running now uses TouchOSC for knob/button controls and works pretty well so far. :slight_smile:

Nice I’d love to see what you got going if you want / when you want to share. I’d love working on a port of PiSound.