Record all & visual creation

hi there, this is my first post :wink: I am looking into the organelle but do not own one yet, and i have mainly two questions:

Usually when creating music, I do record almost everything i do (when working with a laptop via jack_capture recording the output) and when i play hardware recording via daw or some fieldrecorder , etc etc… is there a way to internally record the sound of the organelle, like anything I am doing with any kind of patch? would this possible? I do guess this is dependend on how the pd patch is designed… or is there some extra patch i could load? this would be so helpful!

and my second thought: the hdmi output: is there a way to use it for live visuals? visualisation of sound or also video playback or something like that, also via pd patches or sth?

Thank you !

It is possible! I mainly use the Capture module to record whatever is going on in a lot of patches. You do need a latching foot switch but it works pretty well :slight_smile: If there is a patch that does use a foot switch, it bypasses that as long as capture is enabled. There is also a Capture module for ORAC (an Organelle super patch by @thetechnobear that I highly recommend looking into) which I use way more then the regular capture. As far as visualization, I think it is technically possible but probably not recommend it as the audio processing can be pretty substantial already


Thank you T8R this is good to know! so when i use a footswitch (or some switch wired as a footswitch) I could record all what I am doing. I read into orac and sounds very interesting!!

Yes that’s gist. It does have to be a latching one however or else you’ll have to hold down the footswitch for as long as you record it. I did have a little bit of trouble getting Capture to launch from the extras menu for a little bit. Before you install it, make sure that you have the data and media folders created. There’s an already existing thread which should guide you through installation