Drawave - Draw and mutate your own wavetables


Drawave is a wavetable synthesizer, in witch you can draw and mutate your own wave.


  • You can scroll and zoom in/out.
  • The resolution of the waveform is resampled no matter the zoom level, so if you see a triangle you hear a triangle, even if it’s constructed of only three points.
  • Options to mutate the wavetable, xenakis style (?). Give some interesting rhythmic jams.


  • Encoder Knob: Next/Prev Page
  • Encoder Button: Exit patch


  • Knob 1: Cursor X position
  • Knob 2: Cursor Y position
  • Knob 3: Scroll wave
  • Knob 4: Zoom In/Out
  • Aux Button: Press to Draw/Change waveform


  • Knob 1: Transpose
  • Knob 2: Attack
  • Knob 3: Release
  • Knob 4: Portamento


  • Knob 1: Mutation speed
  • Knob 2: Mutation amount
  • Knob 3: Constraint to original wave
  • Knob 4: Phase

DOWNLOAD from patchstorage


This is very cool! :star_struck:

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Great job, man! Really cool patch you did here.

Minor bug: Knob 3 & Knob 4 don’t work as described. While in drawing mode Knob 3 zooms in & out and Knob 4 doesn’t do anything… EDIT: Nothing’s wrong… My bad…

Thanks for reporting! When I later return home to my organelle, I will check it. tbh, I made this patch long time ago but forgot to share it! So the instructions are from memory x)

You don’t have by any chance other patches laying around you forgotten to share :wink: ? Just asking…

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Haha, just another one! But I was to busy last weeks to be able to finish it. It’s more a traditional instrument, It will be more like a tool to sketch up videogame soundtracks: basically a soundfont player + a 4track looper like the Op-1.

EDIT: Woa, there was actually another one that I totally had forgotten about. Thanks for make me remmember haha. Is to make this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FiDHP0oQSI . Maybe will finish it and post it after the gamelooper.

Well, in that case I’m looking forward to see what you have in store for us and always more than happy to jog your memory :grin:

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All your patches so far have been so inspired, truly works of art in themselves.

Very excited to see what else you have in store.

I imagine the Turrican one will be some kind of bonk~-focused triggerer/sequencer? If you are interested, I have william brents timbreID lib compiled for organelle with the improved bark~ object.

Ok, so I was wrong in my previous bug report. While reopening the patch all seems good. Not sure what I did before or if I just was confused… Sorry, my bad…

alot of fun!awesome patch thank you :+1:t3::fist:t2::fire:

it’s fabulous! great! amazing! :slight_smile:

Thank you all :slight_smile:

@miker2049 yes, please share, I would love to have bonk and bark for the oganelle! I didn’t knew about these objects, but after reading your comment I give them a try, and there a great! Certainly I could give them some use, there are super inspiring.

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So here is the main .pd_linux library compiled. I have it in a folder typically with william brent’s help files and examples, but this file alone gives you bark~ and all the other cool things!

timbreIDLib.pd_linux (2.7 MB)

@miker2049, thank you very much, but I’m sorry to say that the link is giving me a forum error. Maybe tomorrow will work, but already send you a email address just in case :slight_smile:

@varicela Hey! sorry. Was just trying to use the forum storage but I guess this is why noone uses it :slight_smile:

here is the whole folder I just point organelle’s pd to

Downloading! Thank you again!

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