Dropped memory card inside

I just dropped the memory card of my new organelle m inside of it. I guess I will have to screw it apart, but will do that tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice? I would very much appreciate that. Feel stuped messing it up the first day.

It’s really a rite of passage for Organelle owners!


fixed it. easy eight screws.

This is de hi-tech version of dropping your plectrum in your acoustic guitar.


@madrab good to hear you fixed it! For future reference, if you hold the Organelle upside down when you reinsert the SD card, it helps prevent the card from falling in.


Thanks, that was good info.

Hey don’t beat yourself up! I dropped my Disting module microSD card inside my rack and posted my micro SD card inside the body of my Organelle and a standard SD card inside my Deluge!

Standard behaviour!

it’s easy to do…

for testing purposes, I quite often re-flash cards, so have to change the card frequently.

what I do to avoid this is.

insert the card slowly, but do not let go…if in the last few millimetres you don’t feel some resistance (the spring of the sdcard holder) then you have ‘missed’, so take out and try again.
once you feel that resistance, then you know you have got it in the holder, so can confidently push it in.