The SD Card fell INTO the Organelle

Should I disassemble the Organelle to remove it?

Also, I am looking for recommendations for a replacement SD card and procedures for formatting it and loading the OS onto it.


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C&G might not see your post here, if you give them an email they’ll give you full and proper advice on disassembling yr organelle.
If you did want to replace the SD card, get one with a high speed class i guess and

yes … but its very simple

just undo the 6 black screws on the side… and the white plastic base cover will lift out.
don’t worry nothing is attached to it, and nothing will fall out
(the main board is attached to the aluminium part)

the first time you do it, it might be a little stiff, as the aluminium part may have bent towards it, but it’ll still come out, its only fixed by those screws.

to replace, simply put it back, make sure the holes of the screws line up, then put back screws, don’t over tighten.

I do it all the time, as Im swapping the SD card in and out frequently, and inevitably it falls in occasionally.
tip: when inserting an sdcard, hold on to it, and dont push it in unless, you can feel the spring of the sdcard holder… if you cant feel the spring, you’ve gone above it :slight_smile:

SD card… go for a fast class 10, 8 or 16 gb. this will allow for ‘internal storage’ once the new image is released.

use with a sd card reader on your desktop computer to write a new image.


I also hold the organalle upside down, so when you’re trying to find the spring, it’d naturally fall away from the organelle anyway rather than inside it.

Thanks, all!! I appreciate the feedback. I took the screws out, but the plastic didn’t want to budge, so I didn’t exert much force for fear of doing harm.

The advice is much appreciated! Excited to actually play the instrument!

You have to remove the USB drive from the right side first!

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forgive my ignorance, but how does one remove the sd card once the top is disassembled from the base?

i am looking to replace the stock 4gb with an 8gb as you recommend, but not sure exactly how to remove it without damage.


you don’t need to disassemble the case to replace the sd card, you can simply pop it out…
its in a slot that has a spring… what i usually do, is use another sd card to push the one inside a little, then it springs out.

(this topic, was about when inserting the sdcard its possible to put the sdcard between the slot, and the case, and then it just falls inside the case, and rattles around inside :slight_smile: )

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@thetechnobear got it, thanks!

appreciate all your efforts in expanding the capabilities of this box.

Today I received my Organelle from Juno. It rattled, but it wasn’t the keyboard. Then I noticed it lacked the SD card. Thanks for this post :smiley:


It just happened to me with the new M. Bummer.
On the Zoia, I noticed that they solder a piece of metal so this won’t happen. That could be nice. Imagine this happening just before a show ?

This. is. turning. into. a . nightmare.

Some of the wooden keys fell off. Then some others. Now I need to completely disassemble the unit.
Unsolder the battery pack. Damn I was supposed to make some music today. Anger.

You don’t need to desolder the battery pack. Please contact us here for help if you need it:

I know it is too late for this now, but flipping the Organelle upside down before reinserting the microSD card will help prevent it from falling in.

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Everything is back in place. Finally I figured out how it was mounted. Anyway, I always disassemble every piece of gear I own at least once.
But I solder a small piece of metal so it prevents the SD card from falling. I honestly think it can happen very easily and I would suggest to fix it for future units.

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The same thing happened to me recently.
I think you should improve this design in the future @critter :wink:

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I have a slight modification that resolves this problem. After opening to rescue the SD card for the 2nd/3rd time, I took a section of staples and glued the long end against the plastic case of the organelle so that there was a ‘guardrail’. In this picture you can see one corner of the staples lightly touching the SD card slot, with the card snug in its usual place:

(edit: and for retrieval, a dime or a guitar pick are often the perfect size)

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