EMERGENCY! SD Card stuck in Organelle :(

Hi friends. New to the forum here, and in a heap of trouble.

Was just attempting to update the organelle to the latest firmware. Got the SD out and flashed it, then when trying to reinsert the card, I screwed it up and now it is stuck, clearly in the wrong place as loading stops at 99%.

I took out the screws and removed the lower white casing, but still can’t see a good way to get this bugger out, and am fearful that I’ll break more shit on the way. Help!

Update, I got it out, with some damage to the unit :(. It went in cock-eyed, due to me forcing it like a brute. All very sad.

This sd card is now fully destroyed. I have a spare that I am flashing with 4.0 right now… but do I need to do any other formatting to get this new card ready? And have I lost anything besides the OS? All the patches just live on the USB right?

My dude next time you have a problem like this just email C&G and wait!
As for new sd card you just need to follow instructions found on the OS page. Needs to be at least an 8GB card. Write the disk image to the card with Balena etcher, then carefully push the sd card in until it gives the satisfyingly sprung click.

I know, I did a woopsie by shoving it in the first time – frustration led me there after trying gingerly for a long time! I swear, this thing DID NOT have an easy time going in or out. I know how sd cards are supposed to go in and this was absurd. The new one is now seated well enough to read. Never clicked, took forever. Problem solved ish?

Is it rubbing against the organelles case or something? Sounds like the case might be a bit misaligned.