Dropping back in

Hi folks
I am returning to program the organelle and update the patreon after a break. I had some family issues and my 21 year old cat finally dropped his body and my loving mom transitioned to an assisted living facility. Through covid i taught 5 classes online and mentored young people so they could progress with their academic careers despite the ineptitude of the United States government at that time.

Anyway, i spent another portion of time working R&D for a few companies that i cannot name but suffice it to say i would like to re-connect and rock some updates and prep the 20 premium patches that will accompany the book: “Share the patch - 25 years with Pure Data” for advanced Pure Data users. I am not spending half my book with bloody diagrams of sine waves.

So if i may, where are we with the Operating system? I have an an Organelle M and i am working on an expanded organelle version of slice jockey a spectral granular delay effect and a few other renovations for the patches. Also i need to see what’s up with my precious FluidSynth~ and get it working on everything again.

I hope everyone is well and safe and wish everyone a pleasant summer



The latest OS for the M is 4.1

There is also a beta image for the M which updates PD to 0.51

These links come from the following discussions on here:

Looking forward to playing with your creations


Thank you kindly
I have a few i want to sort and i do not want to break my old work if i can avoid it but we know how that rolls :slight_smile:
Thank you @Syntheist for the skinny


Excited to have you back!

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You are the cat’s tits, @shreeswifty . I will order copies of the book for the whole family and demand ground-breaking compositions in your honor.

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love you Chblow
i am reviewing the patches currently on the M and they are insahno
i am collecting all the USB sticks from their hiding places today as i gear up
OFFICE HOURS at the Patreon dealio for the Soma emulation if you want to pop in

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I’m looking forward to the book!