Effects pedals with the Organelle

Just curious: is anyone using effects pedals with the Organelle? If so, which ones?

I use a dl4, swollen pickle, ehx cathedral, big muff, whammy, ehx holy stain, ehx c9, and an aural dream truth mod with mine now.

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TC Ditto and Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence

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This threads gonna be 1000 pages, do you like the dream sequence?? That’s high on my list along with the Ct5 and the tonal recall

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I’ve been using mine with a Boss GT-10 multi-effects pedal, a Walrus Audio Julia analog chorus and an earthquaker devices space spiral.

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I use the Flashback4 and a Hall of Fame.

I’ve been stalking the walrus Julia for some time now… do you have any recorded samples of the organelle with the Julia?

The hologram dream sequence is awesome too, but so expensive. :frowning:

Oh yeah! It’s amazing and quite unique!

I don’t have any atm but I can make some later :slight_smile:

That would be great @friender , thanks!

I’m always switching pedals from my guitar pedalboard to the organelle, but the ones I’ve been using the most are the Zvex Instant Lofi, Fulltone OCD, Catalinbread CSIDMAN, Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star and Mondegreen and Shift Line Astronaut multireverb.

As a guitarist I use a two boards of various effects. I use a OneControl Salamadra Tail Loop to switch the order of the Organelle in my chain. Delay, looper and fuzz are the most commonly used in my setup.

At the moment with my smallest setup, I use a Mooer Shimverb and a Minikaosspad 2. The larger setup includes an Eventide H9. The largest setup will include another H9 and a Red Panda Particle. I am trying to sort out the routing of signals from the Organelle to these pedals while trying to fit everything onto a Temple Board Duo 17.

Both H9’s will function more or less like plugin hosts - running two plugins in total - with MIDI control by Organelle and an iPad attached to the Organelle (over iConnectMIDI2+ https://www.iconnectivity.com/products/midi/iconnectmidi2plus). The iConnect is recognized by the Organelle and can even be powered by it, giving the Organelle two MIDI ins, outs as well as MIDI over USB from the iPad.

Walrus Audio Julia, Montreal Assembly Count to 5, Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master or Boss DD-20/Electroharmonix Holy Grail for delay/reverb. I’ve also had it hooked up to my Dr. Scientist BitQuest.
I’ve posted a clip or two of myself messing with the Organelle + effect pedals in the Organelle music section if you were curious as to how it works, most notably with the Count to 5.


The CT5 is on the top of my “To get” list! :heart_eyes:

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