Guitar directly into Organelle

So I make ambient stuff and after a long hiatus on the guitar I’m thinking of picking one up again to have around the studio. I already have a bunch of Empress FX pedals but I don’t feel like buying a Amp really. Do any of you guys just plug directly into the Organelle with cool results. I’ll only bring using it for atmosphere and some simple stuff. Not trying to sound like Van Halen.

Sure, you can plug straight in. It works, but it all depends on how hot your signal is.

I use a Tech 21 Para Driver after my pedals. Amp in a box. This will improve your sound quite a bit, and you can go straight to a mixer. The latency on the Organelle is barely noticeable.

Maybe have a look at the Mooer amp sims or the cheap clones from Joyo of the Tech 21 Character series.

Actually come to think of it, depending on what Empress pedals you have, you might have a cab simulator in one of them. I know the Reverb has one at least.

It depends on the patch. Often the signal needs a little boost so I use a small, fairly cheap, pre-amp going into the Organelle (Behringer MIC200).

I bought the organelle for my guitar haha.

As others have mentioned, you may need to boost your signal a bit. Especially with single coil pickups.

But I love the organelle with guitar. It’s sampling ability, or effect processing is very cool for experimental/ ambient/ novel sounds. I think orac opens up possibilities too!

Thanks all. I have the Empress Zoia and I think that has a Amp Simulator in it so I think I’m good!