Eigenharp / MEC query


Hello, this is a long shot.

I noticed that there doesn;t seem to be a way to differentiate the main keys from the four outer keys. I wanted the four keys in oder to control octave, scale etc but the transmit the same key numbers as the main instrument keys. If the pico script is set to 48 as first note, the four outer keys produce 48, 49, 50, 51

Im probably missing the obvious. Has anyone managed to make these different of seperate them?

many thanks for any pointers

(i havent upgraded to the new MEC update yet)



there is a mapping setup in mec, where you decide on the values.
sounds like the default is not adding an offset for the 2nd ‘row’



Thank you. Do you mean in the *.json script files?I did mess with the picoOsc.json and changed the note offset from 48 to 60 (to experiment) but this also shifts the 4 utility keys too.



no, I meant “col multiplier”
but that said, its should already be offsetting it…
i’ll go check the code

ok, checked code…

unfortunately, ive got the correct handling in the lower level code, but I need to expose it at the higher level, so that I can do the offset handling properly.
… I think whats happened is, I’ve started work on a comprehensive way to map surfaces, but that’s not completed - and I suspect whilst doing it, I took out the column mapping code.

I’ll have a think about it, and see what I can do ,
mec is released as part of Orac now, so perhaps I can get something in, as I do the orac updates. (no promises though)

(but I will add it to my todo list :wink: )

once I get some time after Orac, I want to review where im going with MEC.
Ive added quite a lot of new functionality, and Orac also gives a bit more focus now,
so I need to think about its direction a little.



Hi Mark, thanks so much for looking into that. At least I know that it could be possible. I look forward to it as and when. Just looking at Orac 2 now. I should be adding some Physical Models to it (hence the Pico and Artiphon Inst 1) including a physically modelled plate reverb in the very near future.