Need help finding OS download for microSD card (ETC and Organelle trouble shooting)

My Organelle and ETC both stopped working at the same time. The only thing i can think of that mightve caused this issue is poorly controlled temperature management in my attic studio space. This issue started in the summer when it was particularly hot and I noticed that the both microSD cards had slightly warped. Could that be the reason for why the ETC is showing the red trouble shooting light? Or why my organelle will not boot up past 99%? Im just spit-balling ideas here. Anyways, I bought new MicroSD cards and am trying to find a download link to flash the OS onto the microSD card. If anyone has that link please forward it. The only link I have found was “Index of /etc/diskimages” and it does not open on my computer. I am also struggling to figure out how to properly flash the OS onto the microSD card once I find the OS. Besides “balenaEtcher”, is there any other programs I need to be able to properly flash my OS? I’m not the most skilled troubleshooting/programming expert. All I’m trying to do is replace my MicroSD card and get my OS running properly. I’ve been having a difficult time contacting Critter and Guitari for potential repairs. Does Critter and Guitari still do repairs? And what would be the easiest way for me to contact them? I’ve tried through email and have not heard back in a couple of weeks. They have repaired my organelle previously and I am obviously willing to pay for the repair if a repair is needed. Any help is very needed. Thank you!

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Sorry for the delay.

Yes, excessive heat in your attic could have caused damage to the SD cards! Must have been hot if they warped! :grimacing:

In the case of the ETC, the red LED on startup will be shown if there is a problem loading the OS. Similarly, the original Organelle’s boot progress will hang at 99% if there is an issue loading its OS. The OS is located on the respective instrument’s SD card and if the SD card is damaged, it would make sense to get the red LED/99% behaviors.

We just updated the ETC manual with instructions on burning the OS to a new card:

The instructions for burning the original Organelle’s OS are here:

If you have any issues, please contact us via email - I just replied to your email.