Empress Shmempress Zoia

Hi Guys
i apologize
I was writing a how-to for someone while i had this open
I have authored a set of tools that respond like empress zoia

is there interest in that?
with the development of the multi-effects units this should be nice

but before i release i am curious


The idea is that there is a “set” of tools that others can partake in a closed set so to speak

a main “synth” with 15 presets
3 drum machines
4 reverbs
math modulators
compressor [w/sidechaining]
wave file loader
i think that covers the main functions right?


hell yeah there’s interest!

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okay but there is going to be some restrictions
what i want to do is release the set of tools with one main patch to get everyone started
it’s NOT a patch for those who do not want to edit their own patches
You actually MUST edit them to get what you want but i am trying to make it easy enough for beginners to “make cool shit” besides the trend that emulates Euro which is well in hand via VCV i want it to be
modular in its’ design but i am not designing a patch for folks that are unwilling to edit themselves.

Does that sound clear?

1.) Empress -Zoia “like” preset toolset
2.) Main patch of 8 pages with templates for presets
3.) Some assembly required


Sounds great to me. I’m eager to hack at patches to start to learn PD. And I’m sure others on here will move the needle even more.

I’ve been having so much fun “playing” the generative patches that you and Kyle Werle and others have made–it’s a new feeling of performing someone else’s composition in your own way.

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Keen for this!

Okay i am preparing the set today for others to use i am trying to set up a basic FULL 8 page that will serve as a control template for others to share and trade patches with


super excited about this.

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This set is based on the work Roman Haefeli’s work on Netpd. We are porting the set so the whoe set is adapted for Pd and made into a menu system for folks to create synth configurations, complex effects and modulations and save them as new patches for creative music making [of course]
I decided to break them out as i convert each one, adapt it and then hand it off to the team for scripting and graphicsadditions

The main sound make is a 12 preset-patch like instrument that lets you connect an oscillator with 6 different sounds. you can also set the Synth to modulate have an envelope and a modulator

strong text

Synth2 is the main Sound Generator of the Zoia-emulation set[yet to be named properly]

I thought if i externalized the work going into this you all might enjoy it and be able to catalog the instruments in the set visually as well


Let me know if folks still want this. I am off for two weeks and would spend a little time to release this if people are interested.


I definitely want this! :grinning:


you are already familiar with pd programming yes?
i want to make a system that others can use/add to
i would liek three or four folks not counting me who
1.) can build a pd-organelle patch from scratch
2.) will actively develop the system
3.) i always list at least three things when i list stuff :slight_smile:
4.) i can hand this off to for future use

The first step is making a user friendly interface for the synth2 abstraction [shown above]

So wanting it is good but investing your time is kind of what i am hoping for.

Still in?

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Yes, still keen.

This sounds awesome!
I’m not sure I could have enough time to participate actively in the developement/beta testing stuf, but I’m sure interested in the wole project: it is a good way to learn more pd and how to make advanced patches.

Impressed by how quickly and confidently you have taken to PD, @ghostly606 Do you have any programming experience? I need to pull my finger out and get learning!
Also, this sounds great shree :smiley:

Messed about with Reaktor about 10 years ago but only ever briefly and had 208hp of Eurorack before I felt overwhelmed (and poor!) both of which have helped pick things up I guess. I’m a scientist anyway and naturally curious so love the learning aspect of Pd / Youtube / the internet in general.

And besides, most of the time I’m copying and pasting bits of code from elsewhere, not really had an original thought yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This sounds crazy cool !!!

This sounds very interesting. How much PD programming experience is required for this? I have been working on a few patches dealing with bjorklund distribution sequencing and markow chains but I don’t know which skills are required for this kind of task. I can understand if people are not handing out everything on a plate. After all, IMHO knowledge and skills only evolve using the principle of standing on the shoulders of giants i.e. putting in your own elbow grease and effort. I hope this project has not died and will eventually re emerge. I’ll keep an eye out for this.

Very interested indeed! I think it would actually be a really good invitation for people to peek behind the curtain and start editing the patches themselves in way that is not super overwhelming

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