Bit of help with homonymous main.pd files and marrying patches

I am going to give PD and patch making another crack and I’ve decided that Automatonism would be a nice playground for this. My thinking being, once i have the right environment I can start off just linking things together and making wacky noises having fun on my laptop or off it - using the patches on my Organelle right away. I guess this is how it is for you guys who already make your own. So - i’ve actually already made a few using Automatonism but unfortunately they don’t have any screen display stuff in them. SO:

I want to join all the the bits from ‘Multi Page Template - 8 Pages’ and it’s display objects and ‘Automatonism’ and it’s fun simple GUI objects into one launchable patch folder but obviously - each of these has it’s own main.pd and two cannot coincide in one load as I understand it - how do I solve this issue?

i would wait.

I am going to release the Shree Essential Libraries Package in one place soon, there are about 10 libs including Automationism that will make exactly what you are considering much easier


Woah ok cool - any more info on the various libraries and how ‘ready to go’ it will be as a package?
Will is be like - REALLY easy? lol
(When I got my Organelle I kinda thought I would be doing with it what you might on a Nord G1/2 or something, but the process of patching with PD is harder than I’d thought it would)
I would really like that to be the case as it was what originally piqued my intrigue with Organelle :slight_smile:


Easy No. Full Featured Yes
Pd is not easy but so worth it
Just start to organize your ideas think about what you need for a synth.
Filters, ADSRs stuff like that and as you find stuff you like save it I did this for 20 years so i have an advantage of time but my goal is better synthesis for everyone, a bit selfish and altruistic at the same time you might say but really the signs of good synthesis are not hard to follow IMHO of course

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It sounds like it might be quite different from what I’m looking for right now - but still very useful for the future.
It’s going to be like a repository of all the useful .pd files you’ve built up over the years?
When I know there are these frameworks already there for me to use - one made specifically for Organelle display and control - another with an incredibly simplified version of the PD patching environment. I would just rather start with putting them together, having that as my blank canvas for a while as i learn and then building my own ‘modules’ (sections of patches) based on the ones in Automatonism as time goes on, using them as a basis and expanding them when I want something more - or different.
It’s not going to be very exciting for me to build a one voice triangle wave synth when I know there are all these possibilities available already ready to go! You will probably think I am lazy - but I am trying to learn music theory, pass my driving test, and work full time in a school already - I want to have some time left to actually make some music :slight_smile:

Perhaps it won’t be so easy to bring these patches together either though, so maybe my complaint is redundant.

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I would say to just stick with the Organelle objects inside Automatonism. Maybe try to implement the multiple pages later, but just Automatonism and it’s Organelle modules will allow you to do a whole lot pretty quickly.

I really love the Automatonism oscillator wave shaping.

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That’s the thing, I’m making some cool stuff on my computer using Automatonism but it requires more than one page and also requires display. I’d like to be able to use the patches at a live show

Automationism is in my essentials [i shared code with Johan for the S&H module] but i am talking about tools as simple if not simpler that are more, like DJ tools. Less lab coat Euro rack


That sounds brilliant - I do really like lab coat bleeps and shreiks too, had fun with that today creating popping bubbles which turned to breaking waves in automatonism with FM, feedback loops and various LFO’s. I think maybe I can do away with automatonisms main.pd and just drop the .pds of modules i want from into the 8 page patch template’s folder, with sends and receives attached to knobs and whatnot etc? I’ll try. Giving it a proper go this time.

Edit: lol how do you remove a quote, I was reply to you of course shree

if it works, i would be really grateful if you posted it here so i could see how to do it too. after looking at automatontotntonton at the weekend i’m keen to try using it to make organelle stuff too.


I will for sure share my findings/stress

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