Empress Zoia

This little box looks like Organelle’s little sister…
Packed with a lot of features, relatively programmable, same tiny screen (with waveforms !), I wonder if it’s pure data based.
Totally exciting little box !

I believe we will see more and more programmable boxes in the near future, I love this tendency.
But please, put at least 8 encoders in the next boxes !


Nice! Looks like a purchase… Wonder if it has any looper/sampling storage? Didn’t see it mentioned. Looks great regardless.

This too: http://www.orthogonaldevices.com/er-301

mentions loopers at the 1:00 mark

only thing for me, nice interface , but it looks tiny (compare to hands).
apart from that, it looks similar in concept to Mod Duo… ie. link pre-existing modules.

but look forward to hearing more about it.

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Yup :slight_smile: was curious if you could also store/load user loops/samples or whether it was more of a thru box only kind of thing :wink:

Yeh, the buttons do look tiny but my desk and pedalboard are mayhem/crowded atm and this would squeeze in nicely on both :slight_smile:

This video explains the programming system a little bit more.

Seems like a patching system using the grid with the ability to create abstractions! Looks like a really fun way to patch!

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Anyone else here with a Zoia have luck connecting the two?