Evolving a sequence?

Hi there, I’m trying to replicate the behavior at about 15 seconds in this video on my beautiful new 201.

I can record a sequence, then change the synth engine that’s being used, but I can’t seem to change the pattern, even if the sequence is recorded without one. I’d love to be able to swap out the arpeggios, but if I shift-press one of the arpeggio pattern buttons, it only affects whatever I play over the sequencer, not the sequence itself.

Any ideas?

Thanks a ton!

To make sounds close to that, I would make a pattern using an arp and the “hold key” function, then save it to the 201. After saved, I play it back and play different arp/hold combinations over the recorded playback! Hope that helps, let me know if there’s anything I could clarify :slight_smile:

Hi @troutoil & @yeeparby, we used a different mother.pd file to make that video. We just posted it:

This mother.pd file replaces the one currently in your 201’s pd folder. More about accessing that folder with Disk Mode in the 201 manual.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just tried this and it was a good time :heart:

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@chrisk, I remember the “evolving a sequence” video during the 201 development.
What is/are the reason/s for having put the sequencer after the arpeggiator in the delivered version of the mother patch?

The reason we put the sequencer after the arpeggios/patterns is that it gives you the choice to create a sequence that includes the pattern, and then play a different pattern on top of that sequenced pattern. So you get to use two patterns simultaneously instead of one.

But the ‘sequencer first’ is also fun, so we wanted to share that option too.


Thanks for this answer @chrisk :slight_smile:

Crazy thought: Would there be a way with a key combo + shift to toggle between either configuration and restart the mother.pd file? It would be nice to be able to switch between the two configurations (sequencer first / sequencer last) without needing to tether to computer/tablet.

I updated the mother.pd to the sequencer first version, but want to go back to the original version. I stupidly did not save the original version before I replaced it, is there a place I can download the original mother.pd file? Thanks!

Thank you so much!