Trying to figure out everything the midi in can do

thanks for your time in advance.

having a hard time finding anything that uses the midi in tempo in any way. does anything exist that will do things based on the incoming tempo from the midi in? i want to use the audio in for what that does and not use the audio in to send a midi trigger into. i want both so i can for instance have the live audio effecting things and what not but maybe some sort of master effects or whatever that is synced or based on the incoming midi tempo. make sense? sorry. im new here :slight_smile:

Yeah! If you look at section 2.1 of the manual in the SHIFT button section it will describe the shift functions. When holding shift, knob 2 will select the trigger, and you can set that to MIDI clock (1/4 or 1/8 notes!). So any “T-” pattern in the Eyesy will now trigger on MIDI clock! (Make sure you use Shift+knob3 to select the right midi channel!)

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thank you!

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