Feature requests, in no particular order or preference

… just some cool ideas I could see.

  • Some way to indicate which track I’m on.
  • VU meter button (F) becomes a little more tweaky. Click and hold: VU meter. Single click: feature x. Double click: feature y.
  • Fine-grain bounce control. Click bounce twice to do bounce as it currently works. Click bounce once is a multi-select, effectively. All samples are highlighted by default, toggle samples to exclude, click bounce again to bounce down to left-most sample, opening up all others.
  • Duplicate current track. Dupe track and then selective bounce as described above would be killer… allows me to keep drums and bass of current track onto the next track and build new melodic components.
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Youve got some good suggestions here. I absolutely LOVE this thing and there are definitely a few things that would push it over the top to make it my favorite piece of gear. Will add more as I get a list - that said, its incredible - love love it.

Well, I guess this lovely small recorder’s selling point is kinda it’s “restrictions”, but there would be a few things I would love.

  • Overdubs. This would make it possible to create a more elaborate drum rhythm while being able to keep the loop ‘tight’.
  • File handling: numbering is able to ‘skip’ numbers… I just know that at one point i wont have it plugged into the computer for a while, and i’ll have tons of little loops. Problem is when deleting part of the loops from the 5moons, you have to renumber all the following loops… Probably one could write an easy small script for that, but i’m not great at programming sadly.
  • Being able to loop certain tracks and oneshot others. Have a drum loop on loop, play a longer synth loop on top and build a track that way.
  • I don’t know about the much requested quantization. On one had it would be killer, on the other hand it would make it just ‘another less elaborate BOSS RC looper’. Its kind of the charm, but i feel that a few other improvements from the above could make the ‘need’ for quantization lower. For me, main part to get this recorder was its fantastic pocket size, screenless layout and quick bounce function.

Cheers to C&G for the great product!

Another idea since we got the great stereo update…

Being able to pan tracks manually on the 5M as well would be great. Eg: while the VU-button is pressed, you can use the slider to go from L to R panning. Would be great to do some real ‘mixing’ on the 5M.

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Sorry for replying to myself, but i’d rather spam a bit here than clatter the forum with more different threads…

I’d love a way to ‘duplicate’ a complete ‘song’. Sometimes i’ve made five tracks in my song, but i’d like to try some different variations. It would be nice to be able to duplicate the ‘original’ to not lose it, and then have a few copies to mess around with.

Function to block channels. Now everything you’ve recorded on a channel is gone when you accidentally touch one of the recording knobs right under the channel. Happened to me several times.

i think you can do this by attaching it to a computer and copying that bank’s files into another bank?

Yes, for sure. But the whole reason i use this box is mainly to avoid ‘the screen’. If i need a computer just for duplicating, i might as well record into Ableton :upside_down_face:

ah yeah, I hear that.
for me, it’s good to know it is at least possible in a pinch.
I can connect it briefly to a computer, back everything up, make a couple duplicates, & then experiment.