File size download limit Organelle Patch Manager?

I have recently got another organelle and am trying to copy the patch directory so I can put it on my new one however after zipping the patch folder and trying to download it I am getting an error. The size of the zip is a little over 300mb.

I am getting a 500 internal server error. I am able to download smaller sized zips without any issues. Can anyone help me out here?

if your transferring a lot of data I’d recommend using an SCP client for your desktop.
there are quite a few that are either free, or have demo restrictions.
I use Cyberduck or Forklift.

if your using macOS/linux (or something like cygwin under windows) you can do from the command line
(adapt username/hostname depending on which organelle you have, and also location of zip file )

scp root@organelle.local:/sdcard/  .